“Orpheus Club Wellness” AD/S.A/ successfully develops in the field of tourism, Balneotherapy, Spa and wellness services, Internet marketing, E-commerce, Productivity and mediation, development of electronic magazine for travel and wellness, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, online trade of products and services. The company is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, with the stock exchange code OWJ.

Orpheus Club Wellness AD is an official member of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents from 2018.

The company has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the state tourism organization of Macedonia, which declares mutual partnership in the implementation of joint projects in the field of tourism and culture.

To achieve its goals, Orpheus Club Wellness maintains a conglomerate of companies and sites representing the main activities of the organization.


The variety of services in the field of tourism is realized through tourist agency “Philippopolis Tour” – licensed tour operator with № 05396/28 January 2005. The company is established on the tourist market as a serious tour operator in the country and abroad for different types of sending and receiving tourism.

The main directions of the activity are:

  • Outgoing tourism in directions around the world;
  • Incoming tourism to all tourist destinations in the country;
  • Domestic for Bulgarian tourists on the territory of Bulgaria;
  • Individual and group trips in the country and abroad;
  • Guided tours;
  • Hotel Reservation;
  • Seminars, symposia and conferences in the country and abroad;
  • Flight excursions;
  • Bus excursions;
  • Exotic excursions;
  • Holidays in the country and abroad;
  • Individual packages on customer’s request to every corner of the world;
  • Ski holidays in the country;
  • Medical insurance for abroad;
  • Culinary and religious tourism.


Through the specialized site Biozone the company offers a various range of products and services in the field of wellness and healthy lifestyle. The site has been developed as an online shop. Carefully selected, products are affordable, delivery is fast and customers get professional service.


The company also maintains its electronic media Club Orpheus – travel magazine and wellness style of life. It publishes up-to-date information on tourism, art, ancient sciences, a healthy lifestyle. The philosophy of harmonious life, the way to achieve a state of wellness, the way to learn to love others by first loving ourselves and directing the energies of our lives in a calm and relaxing way, all these could be found here.


The company manages one of the emblematic tourist complexes in the Old Plovdiv – “Trakiiski stan”. It is housed in “Dr. Vlado’s House” – a former property of Mikhail Vlado, who was the chief doctor of Plovdiv in the period 1862-1877. During the April Uprising, he saved hundreds of Bulgarians thrown into prisons. The place is developed as a cultural and wellness center where tourists can enjoy various events and taste traditional Bulgarian food and beverages. Non-traditional practices for digital detoxification and tested environmentally friendly products are the trademark of the site. The residence is a perfect venue for private events and occasions, offering accommodation as well. Orpheus Club Wellness AD plans to become a theater of emotions – combining history, culture, divine drinks and gourmet experiences during the summer months of 2018.


Bulgariaholidays.cn aims to attract Chinese tourists to Bulgaria and neighboring Balkan countries by providing information on routes and attractions.


In 2013 “Orpheus Club Wellness” registered the “Cluster-wellness BG” association, a non-profit organization. Under the Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013 the cluster won Project BG161PO003-2.4.02-0006-C0001 Increasing the capacity of “Cluster – Wellness BG” by creating an administrative body and activities to promote the name and activity of the cluster . The association is a member of innovative companies offering products, processes and resources in the field of tourism and wellness services.


National Hospitality Management Club Orpheus Club Wellness is a national association of a new generation that brings together owners, CEOs and managers of middle management with advanced thinking about the idea of a modern and innovative marketing in the hospitality industry.

Joint stock company “Orpheus Club Wellness” – Plovdiv, develops for the market two platforms promising business and tourists a convenient and attractive way to organize and realize the dream trip. Through them, the company aims to attract the middle class of tourists to Europe and to become a leading tourist company on the market by offering an unlimited range of tourist services, fast booking, high travel security, fast and easy travel, intuitive working practices from the last generation.

The first platform is MarketPlace for travel services based on the smart deals offered by block chain technology. The platform gathers infinite information about travelling to Europe from distant countries such as China, India and the United States. The next-generation tourist site can also be used by anyone looking for the most encyclopedic and intuitive platform for information and bookkeeping in European destinations – accommodation, transport, meals, avenues and tourist attractions.

The second tourist platform is targeted at audiences looking for trips and new experiences. It literally fulfills the desired experience, realizes dreams through travel, it is filled with emotions, meetings with people with similar interests from all over the world, enables the sharing of the journey at the moment of its realization with close and distant followers.


Orpheus Club Wellness AD


Headquarters and management address:

Plovdiv, bul. “Hr. Botev “27А, tel: 032/585886

Investor Relations Director – Ognyan Dechev 0882 933 525