About the company

Orpheus Club Wellness PLC

The Orpheus Club Wellness Joint Stock Company was registered with a decision of the Plovdiv District Court under No. 3869 / 09.05.2007 with its situated in the city of Plovdiv. The main purpose of its creation is formulated as the development of a major package of tourist products and services with the brand „Orpheus Club Wellness“.
As part of the Technology and Innovation Corporation, we have gradually refocused our activities in the field of the platform economy and digital marketing, focusing on the IT sector when developing our new products. Every day we look for new solutions and keep up with the latest trends in IT and marketing. Life is at a fast pace, stress is personal and professional in the face, and the environment is becoming increasingly intolerant of us. We realize on a daily basis that we are unprepared for the new age, their elders lack innovation, their younger maturity. But we are united by the awareness that wellness needs to start from the office and be carried out through travel.


Our VISION is to develop the Tourism and Wellness philosophy on a daily basis by:
1. Lifestyle
2. Culture
3. A set of values
4. Daily detoxification
5. Traveling without borders and brakes

We prioritize our values ​​as:

• Innovative approach;
• Dynamics;
• Improvement;
• Technology;
• Franchising;
• Platform economy;
• Blockchain;
• Digital marketing.


Orpheus Club Wellness PLC


Headquarters and management address:

Plovdiv, bul. „Hr. Botev „27А, tel: 032/585886

Investor Relations Director – Ognyan Dechev 0882 933 525

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