CLUBXCHAIN.COM’s main targeting group, the Travel and Wellness Platform, is a world-class “non-European” community outside Europe. There is no more interesting, safe and “historically rich” place than Europe. People from other continents can travel to Europe with a “long flight” by visiting its most attractive places in 10 days.

The innovative element compared to traditional travel platforms is the use of blockchain technology that gives counterparties, suppliers, and users of the platform and services in it – security ensures accuracy and speed in the execution of transactions and enables accurate fulfillment of the commitments made through the use of smart contracts.

ClubXchain’s primary mission is to showcase a new experience-based travel model, sharing economy, as well as informing targeted users about the ability to save while traveling, since the concept of the platform includes a bonus system through cashback, not so popular in tourism and culture.

The idea is not for the end-user to receive their money back into the account, but to be able to accumulate their virtual money on the platform, and any subsequent travel or another tourist service will be more profitable for him.

Issues that ClubXchain solves:

outdated reservation model;
bad experience during the booking process;
a huge percentage of reservations for hotels, packages and specific destinations are inspired by friends;
no reservations via mobile
Customer benefits:

Blockchain provides transaction security;
Blockchain excludes third parties and optimizes costs by making the guest and host more satisfied;
Speed ​​and intuition;
A to Z in tourism and culture – everything is in one place;
Travels can be created regardless of the startup element and the idea of ​​the trip itself (whether it will be an event, a visit to a specific destination, etc.)
Large and secure brand with guaranteed expertise for vacations in Europe
Dynamic packaging
Cost reduction
Creating an exclusive club program – by collecting booking points, reviews, invitations to friends.

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