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A new generation tourist and social platform oriented towards active and adventurous travelers. Our mission is to offer users a completely different experience off the beaten tourist tracks. Basically, TripXV is a place for contact between people of similar interests which offers an automated system for group traveling.
TripXV connects travelers with the hotels, restaurants and local service providers they’ve chosen. The platform offers a number of tools to its users so they could entirely organize their own trip to any place in the world. Our goal is not only to take you there but help you get to
know the way of life and culture of local people.
Advantages: The first social tourism platform. The best hotel prices. A unique opportunity to
travel with admirers. Low cost. No intermediary.

With the innovative TripXV platform, you can create your own trips where you have been or want to go. You can share your dream trips as well as places you have already visited and wish to share your experience with other travelers sharing your adventurous spirit.
In the guide section, you can read what you can see and do in different cities in each country.

If you decide to go somewhere where you haven’t been and you don’t know what the hotels are, here you won’t be needed to search on the Internet about hotels. In the section hotels you just need to check where do you want to go and when? After that, you will see a list of hotels with various prices and you will be able to choose according to your wishes. 

Also here you can read useful information for all destinations in the world. Information like how to get there, do you need a visa, do you need any vaccines and more.

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