Videlina Gandeva

Videlina Gandeva

Executive director of
Orpheus Club Wellness AD

As an Executive Director of Orpheus Club Wellness AD, Videlina Gandeva is responsible for the organization of tourism and marketing activities. She is the manager of the TripXV project / – a new generation travel platform. Videlina graduated from the Library and Information Activities at the Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo and received a master’s degree in Tourism from the Paisii Hilendarski University. One of the founders is tourism marketing in Plovdiv. Winner of dozens of awards for establishing Plovdiv’s image as a tourist destination in Bulgaria and abroad. She is a member of the team that developed the Strategy and Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development in Plovdiv Municipality 2014-2020 and participates in numerous tourist projects.

She is a member of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Thracia Restaurant and Hotel Association and the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Bulgaria. She is the author of specialized articles in the field of tourism and marketing, as well as innovative thematic presentations presented at international tourism forums.


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